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Biblical Rescue

A revolutionary approach to helping people in crisis. A course for pastors, social workers, counselors, lay leaders, and other people of faith.

Upcoming Biblical Rescue Classes:
There are currently no upcoming classes scheduled.

Most of the time, when people tell us they're going through a tough time, we tend to give them exactly what they ask for.  For example, if someone can’t pay the rent, his marriage is in trouble, or he can't feed his kids, we focus on getting him rent money or marriage counseling or food. 

But too often these folks return to us—or our church or agency—with the same problem time and again. Or perhaps their problems change, but they never progress beyond a state of perpetual neediness.  In extreme cases, they may even end up homeless. 

That’s because, while a stated need (“I need rent money.”) is indeed a crisis in someone's life, it is not the real crisis.  More times than not, stated needs are not real needs.  The real crisis often lies in a person's past, controlling his present in ways he doesn’t understand.

When you attend the Biblical Rescue course, you’ll learn how to develop a Biblical response to the real crisis in a person’s life.  You’ll learn the critical difference between the “what” and “who” of the person you’re trying to help. In addition, you’ll gain the necessary skills and proven tools to help you succeed as you serve others in crisis.

Developed by Cherry Street President & CEO Dan Rogers, Biblical Rescue teaches— 

  • The Scriptural foundation of rescue
  • The critical difference between society’s so-called compassion and Biblical Rescue
  • How people get knocked off the pathway from adolescence to true autonomy
  • The basic truths of rescue
  • The role of discipling in Biblical Rescue
  • Why Jesus was rescue
  • Tested techniques that reveal people’s real needs and bring about real solutions
  • The difference and relationship between Biblical rescue and therapeutic rescue
  • The upstream/model of thinking
  • How society’s focus on compassion has distorted the Church’s view of the Great Commission and Great Commandment 

A valuable tool for individuals, churches, and other organizations

Biblical Rescue can equip you and your organization with the information and skills you need to better serve those who seek your help.  In the process, you'll make better use of the resources God has made available to you. 

Dan Rogers and Cherry Street offer Biblical Rescue to churches and other groups throughout Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio.  The 14-hour course is usually offered over the course of two evenings (6-9 pm Thursday and Friday) and a Saturday (8 am-4 pm), but other arrangements are available. Additional training is available for graduates of the course.



If you would like to learn more about Biblical Rescue, contact Cherry Street's President & CEO.